What to do when you are in deep doubt


You are standing in the present time full in doubts; now, stop your thoughts for a moment and I want you to remember how does it feel when someone trust you, you need to hold onto that feeling in order to take the decisions and actions that will lead you to accomplish everything you want to be. I am no different from you, there’s times where I am frozen and can’t decide what path to take in life, that is why I want to share with you something that helped me along my journey:

Can you remember when you were 5 years old?
I want you to imagine yourself picking up this 5 year old version of you, imagine him or her looking at you straight to the eye and saying with a calm voice I know that you will help me get to every goal, dream and desire I have. I trust you with my life – how does that make you feel? To me it feels like empowerment, how can we leave someone down when they have so much trust in us? specially is we are talking about ourselves.

selflove-quotes Today you are going to CLAIM your power back from society, from your parents, from your friends, from school, from social media expectations and you are going to trust yourself by putting your life back into your own hands.

Make a list of the things you:

  1. Want to accomplish
  2. What is important in your life
  3. Need to let go
  4. Decide for yourself
  5. Believe
  6. Stop believing

For me the main theme of this year is LETTING GO of relationships, beliefs, prejudice, grudges, fears, appearances (what other people say or might think for expressing who I am) and control. This requires fully trusting myself with every decision, but know thatalong with trust you need patience and kindness towards yourself and a TON of decision to follow up,cause as Morpheus said:

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path – The Matrix.

And remember: one step at the time.

With love & light, yours Daniela.



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